On this page answers can be found regarding frequently asked questions concerning number portability, number management and related services.

What is porting?

Porting is the activity of transferring your number to a new service, either with a different network or a different provider, or both.

What types of numbers are supported for portability?

PortingXS’ Inports® supports number porting of:

  • Mobile telephony
  • Fixed telephony
  • Premium rate / Service numbers
  • Machine-2-Machine numbers

And of course: Inports is ENUM ready.

Why Number Portability?

There are numerous reasons why countries, regulators and telecom providers should consider implementing Number Portability.

Liberalization in telecommunication is a major chance to stimulate the economy. It is one of the key elements in a liberalization strategy. It enhances the welfare of countries through promotion of effective competition, economics and freedom of operator choice. It can lead to:

  • New and competitive services
  • Lower prices
  • Improvement Quality of Services
  • Enhancing the quality of life
  • Stimulation of economic growth

What is LNP?

LNP is the acronym for Local Number Portability, also known as Fixed Number Portability or FNP.

What is MNP?

MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability.

What is the definition of 'number portability'?

To enable subscribers to retain a telephone number when changing their network or service provider.

What is FNP?

FNP is the acronym for Fixed Number Portability, also known as LNP or Local Number Portability.

What is a Central Reference Database or CRDB?

A Central Reference Database or CRDB is the secured database containing all ported numbers and accompanying information, such as Operator coding.

What is inports?

Inports is the Number Portability Solution of PortingXS, the leading Number Portability solution provider.