PortingXS is a number solutions provider in the Telecommunication and IT industry

Founded in 2001, PortingXS is a number solutions provider in the Telecommunication and IT industry. Back in 2001 the Dutch telecommunications landscape was dominated by the big telcos. With Millicom (Tele2) in the Netherlands as launching customer PortingXS’ main objective was to perform the administrative and technical activities linked to the number portability process as cost effective and economical as possible. In the following years the company evolved into an specialized outsourcing company for Dutch service providers.

By implementing methods considered state of the art in 2001, such as ‘Software as a Service’ and scalable organizations, PortingXS developed into a unique Numbering Management Service Provider. From the start the company’s focus has been to facilitate in easy, straightforward number portability for consumers and service providers, creating a smooth switch. The simplification of difficult processes has been successfully implemented for numerous customers, creating the company which it is today.

In 2007 PortingXS was invited to join a tendering program for the introduction of Mobile Number Portability on the isles of Guernsey and Jersey. The company successfully won the very competitive bid and has since then been servicing many countries and service providers all around the world with the same vision and mission.

What started as an ambitious plan has turned into a solid and specialized company in the field of worldwide supervised number related services with an 90% market share in The Netherlands and active operations in more than 20 countries. Out of our international activities partnerships have been established. In Kenya, Ghana, Panama and Haiti we have local presence with back office teams and service operations. An advantage of establishing local entities is that we are able to efficiently deliver and implement a local governance model.

PortingXS is a major contributor in advisory projects and developments in telecommunication and IT, especially where it concerns number management, number portability and related topics.

  • Optimal service for telephony customers
  • Fast number portability
  • Accurate data on network locations
  • High quality management information

Our mission and vision

Our mission
We provide reliable access to global telecoms data through smart applications.

Our vision
The globalisation of markets and telecoms related data requires an organisation that provides reliable and accessible access, regardless of the size of the customer. Standardised or customised: PortingXS provides your optimal solution.