Inifinity Broadband – Cayman Islands

Inifinity Broadband – Cayman Islands

Date : April 14th 2016

To whom it may concern

Dear Reader,

LNP (Local Number Portability) for fixed and mobile numbers was introduced on the Cayman Islands in 2012. The Caymanian operators formed a consortium under the supervision of the regulatory authority ICTA and choose after a selection process the Dutch company Porting Access B.V. to provide the operators with their services for fully automated and also manual porting.

Infinity broadband joint this consortium of operators (as well as the multi operator contract) since we started providing our services in 2013 to the Caymanian population and businesses.

Ever since we have used the Inports® application from Porting Access B.V. to perform our porting requests towards the other Caymanian operators. Though Infinity Broadband was not part of the vendor selection procedure, we feel confident the right decision was made. We see Inports® as an easy adaptable, cost effective solution and we recommend this solution to countries who are in the phase of selecting the right vendor for such services.

Yours sincerely,

Nigel Berry

Operation’s Manager

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