Channel Islands – Airtel Vodafone

Channel Islands – Airtel Vodafone Testimonial

Airtel Vodafone – Guernsey and Jersey

Channel Islands Mobile Number Portability Testimonial

Iain Williams, Chief Executive Officer of the Channel Islands operator Airtel Vodafone writes: “The introduction of Mobile Number Portability in Jersey and Guernsey marked a significant milestone in the furthering of true competition in the Channel Islands mobile telephony markets and finally allowed Channel Islands consumers complete choice and freedom in selectiing the best mobile phone services for their needs. Mobile Number Portability has significantly boosted Airtel Vodafone’s business and customer base. PortingXS were selected by the regulators and operators in the Channel Islands as offering the most appropiate, flexible and cost effective Number Portability solution for a small yet demanding market such as Jersey and Guernsey. PortingXS from the outset worked closely and positively as a key partner to the Channel Islands operators and their flexibility enabled the Channel Islands to implement a streamlined porting process designed specifically to minimise porting time, complexity and maximise the customer experience for the benefit of the consumers of Jersey and Guernsey. Without PortingXS’s experience and professionalism, the Channel Islands operators would not have been able to design and implement Mobile Number Portability, in less than 10 months, an achievement we are all justifiably proud of. Since launch, the simplicity of the Channel Islands Number Portability process and the robust performance of the PortingXS platform has given Channel Islands consumers the confidence to port their numbers in significant numbers and allowed them to enjoy the benefits of greater competition and choice of mobile telephony products and services.”

Iain Williams

Chief Executive Officer

Airtel Vodafone

Channel Islands - Airtel Vodafone - Testimonial

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