Inports® webGUI

Inports® webGUI Online number portability

The Inports® web GUI provides real time access to the number porting system. Users are able to manage the complete porting process via the web interface.

From starting a porting request and performing all next process steps, to creating export reports on specific search items. Authorization levels allow for easy configuration of rights and restrictions. Varying from single entry access, to multi user access, from ‘read only’ to ‘read and write’, with configuration possible up to single message level. All managed from the Inports® GUI. Furthermore, the management tab in Inports® allows for management of the complete process. Authorized users may configure or adjust the existing configuration on timers, windows and other configuration items. No need for extra implementation time or dependence on external parties: stay in control of the process yourself.

Inports Online Number Portability

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