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Protection against fraud or scam telephone numbers

Exclude provides protection against numbers that are internationally used for fraud or scam. By sharing information with other operators, your end users and yourself of course will be better protected against these crimes!

Sharing ensures quality
PortingXS introduces Exclude for telecom operators and service providers. A service that provides in the protection against international fraud and scam telephone numbers through the combined information of the participating operators which is shared, stored and managed by Exclude. In the battle to protect your end user and to minimize issues regarding fraudulent numbers your chances will greatly improve by sharing this data.

Registration Platform
Exclude offers telecom operators and service providers a platform for national and international telephone numbers used and abused for fraud or scam activities. Because Exclude is a central database and distribution network, a high-quality data set is generated, which helps taking steps forward in fraud and scam prevention.

Application and properties

  • Web application accessible for authorized users
  • Overview with Exclude numbers
  • Overviews of publications done by all applicants or only own publications
  • Distinction in active registrations or all registrations
  • Add/ Modify/ Delete fraud numbers for shared or private use
  • Exclude works with international number formatting ( E.164 )
  • Search function based on country code and local telephone number
  • Active audit logging
  • Available in .CSV file format
  • (Optional) Bulk import and cancellations by Mass Data Tool

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Please contact PortingXS to explore  your possibilities to participate in the Exclude solution!

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