Editorial: The true value of numbers

Editorial: The true value of numbers

26 Jan

Every once in a while I visit a conference where ‘techies’ try to convince the audience that due to new technologies the world is changing. Especially in the telecommunications market this is true. And then there often follows a passionate appeal to our capabilities to think about the future.

In the future our world will be dominated by robots, self-driving cars, smart homes in which my fridge is calling my supermarket to bring milk in the next day. Telecommunication networks will support over twenty different protocols from low till high frequencies offering me the right speed and intelligence based upon my predicted need.

Honestly: I always tend to believe them. The kids from my kids will never go for a driver’s license, they ask for wheels when they need them and it will bring them to whatever 3D hologram theatre they want to and in every science fiction book the authors demonstrate their capabilities to kidnap our fantasy in bringing yet another weird look upon our wish to develop.

But check this out, the car that will pick up the kids will have a number printed at the passenger’s doors. A number is the only thing that will always appear in whatever dream prediction. It is still the only convention in the world that is the same everywhere.

Am I a romantic fool to expect or to hope that my grandchildren will call me on my telephone number?

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