Bahamas launches mobile number portability

Bahamas launches mobile number portability

08 May

The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) of the Bahamas has announced the launch of mobile number portability in the country, allowing “scores” of users to successfully port their existing numbers between service providers, currently BTC and Aliv. However, the watchdog said the system is still experiencing some problems, with the 2-hour timeframe set under the MPN rules not being respected by the operators. However, the URCA added that it was satisfied that BTC, Aliv and the third-party clearing house were working to tackle the issues as quickly as possible.
BTC’s 16-year monopoly on mobile communications in the Bahamas finally came to an end last year with the launch of the Aliv brand in New Providence and Grand Bahama. Aliv is 48 percent owned by Cable Bahamas (CBL), which has committed to extending the operator’s network throughout the Bahamas over the next two years

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